Specify Image Shown When Someone Shares Your Site Link on Facebook

by Adam Hassig April 02, 2019 1 min read

I see this happen all the time to businesses where when someone shares the link to their website a generic or no-image photo appears.

Sharing on Facebook

Sharing your website on Facebook happens when someone clicks a “share” button or posts the URL to your shop into a new post on their Facebook timeline.

This content is always shared as a link to the web page, but it may also include an default image or no image depending on what Facebook scrapes from your site.

How Your Shared Website May Look:
How Your Shared Website Should Look:

We're here to help you get this fixed using our Facebook Debugger for Developers tool along with specifying which image Facebook scrapes from your site.

Try It For Yourself

Go ahead and try sharing your site to Facebook and leave a comment below with what you saw.

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